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Additional Flush Hose Kit

Additional Flush Hose Kit – If the hose that comes with your Flushmaster is not long enough to reach, then this is the perfect solution for extending the reach of your Flushmaster and enhancing its versatility.

The hose is made from EPDM, a terpolymer of ethylene, propylene, and diene monomer that is known for its durability and resistance to sunlight, ozone, and salt.

Adding this additional hose kit ensures that your Flushmaster can adapt to various docking and flushing scenarios. Enhance the capabilities of your Flushmaster and ensure optimal engine flushing in any scenario. Order yours today!

Hose Length:
Sale price$29.99
Additional Flush Hose Kit
Additional Flush Hose Kit Sale price$29.99

Customer Reviews

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Gary Francoeur
See Mule Hoses too short.

Great product and very professionally packaged! Quality is there with all components however, knowing that you are ordering a Twin Hose hook up I can't see how any boat can use a 5 ft hose to reach the motors. The Twin hook up flush kit and even the standard hook up should be min 8' hose. I had to order longer hoses to reach the motors.

Drew St John
MS coast

I like the product. The instructions are not complete or detailed enough. Think about a short video

Donald Morales

its so easy buy one you cant go wrong super nice