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"flush your motors without flushing your time"

Easy as 1, 2, 3


Connect the device to a water hose or spigot.


Attach outlet hoses to quick connects.


Turn the device on, and then press start.


Connect the device to a water hose or spigot.


Attach outlet hoses to quick connects.


Turn the device on, and then press start.

4-outlet flushmaster system
flush port quick connect for outboard  flushing

Flushmaster Automated Flushing System

Flushing your outboards can be a real pain in routine maintenance. That's why we have designed an automated outboard flushing system for boaters, by boaters. Comprised of our innovative Flushmaster and Flushmaster Quick Connects, this motor flushing system will revolutionize your outboard maintenance routine. 

Flushmaster is the world's first portable automated outboard flushing device for single and multi-engine boats. This solution comes in a 2 or 4-outlet version with multiple hose length options to ensure the best fit for your needs.

Flushmaster Quick Connects (sold separately) are flush port quick connects designed to permanently replace your OEM flush port for Suzuki and Mercury outboards, giving you a hassle-free connection every time.

Whether you're a seasoned mariner or a casual boater, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your outboard engines is a priority. That's where Flushmaster steps in, offering a comprehensive solution for efficient and hassle-free outboard flushing.

Automated Outboard Flushing System



Experience a faster and more efficient way to flush your engines! Our automated system is designed to make routine engine maintenance portable and convenient. With our Flush Port Quick Connects, you can say goodbye to the hassle of connecting hoses and save time in your routine. These quick connects are specifically designed to replace your OEM flush port, making the whole process much simpler and easier.


Lack of or improper flushing can void your warranty, leaving you responsible for expensive repairs. We designed our system to protect your investment and warranty. According to manufacturers, proper flushing should be done immediately after use while the engines are still hot and all passes are open for 15 minutes each. Using our system after every boating adventure helps keep your warranty valid and your outboards in peak performance. Upgrade your outboard motor maintenance today and say goodbye to outdated methods!


Backed by a 1-year warranty and 30-day performance guarantee, our products are built for durability and longevity. Flushmaster is constructed with waterproof, saltwater-resistant ABS, 316 marine-grade stainless steel internal components, and airtight rubber gaskets. These features ensure long-lasting outdoor performance. Our products have been tested in extreme weather conditions, so you can trust that they will function when you need them the most.


Where do you keep Flushmaster when it's not in use?

Mounted to Dock Piling

Hard-plumb your Flushmaster and mount it to your dock piling for permanent placement. Make sure you order hoses that are long enough to reach all your outboards.

outboard flush kit bag


Take Flushmaster everywhere you go! Our portable storage bag can hold your Flushmaster device and hose(s). This is best for owners who trailer their boats.

Housing Cradle

Our housing cradle was designed to keep your Flushmaster grab-and-go ready! This solution keeps your device accessible and minimizes the need for lengthy hoses.

Get Started Today!

Experience unparalleled convenience and efficiency with our Flushmaster device. Make maintenance a breeze and keep your outboard motors in top condition. Don't wait any longer to streamline your flushing process — invest in a Seamule Flushmaster today and revolutionize the way you care for your marine equipment. 

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“….I've talked about products, how they have to make my life easier and this product does just that. We all know how important it is after a day of fishing to get these motors flushed….I love my Mercury, but one thing is these caps can be awfully difficult to get off after a day of fishing. And SeaMule has solved that problem with these quick releases….great product from Seamule, Flushmaster. Make sure you guys check it out.”

Capt. George Gozdz - Unfathomed

“I just took delivery on my new boat; my Mercury’s are going to keep me going, but if I don’t take care of them, they’re not gonna take care of me...fortunately, there’s Flushmaster…We've installed quick disconnects on each one of these…I just push it in and really quick attach my hoses…. that simple….I can go about the rest of my afternoon…”

Carter Andrews - The Obsession of Carter Andrews

“Alright guys, so I've been looking all over for many years now, a quicker and more efficient way to flush my engines. I came across this thing on a Facebook ad, skeptical about it, bought it…hooked it up. Thing Flushes both engines on time accurately. Within 30 seconds I got a heavy stream of piss coming out. This thing's kick ass. If you don't have one, get one!”

Chris Raiser

"The single best boat accessory I have purchased. When I hook up the Flushmaster hoses, I know I have had a great, safe day on the water!"

Neal from Jacksonville

"All-around win for my family. I get to ditch the hose splitter, play in the pool with my kids instead of going back to the boat, and my wife doesn't have to help. Flushmaster has changed how we do boat days, for the better."

Austin Meadows - MLB Athlete