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Flush Port Quick Connect for Mercury

Seamule has designed and created the new aftermarket Flush Port Quick Connect for Mercury Outboard Engines.

Upgrade your Mercury outboard engine with our cutting-edge Flush Port Quick Connect, designed to replace the OEM flush port seamlessly and permanently. This innovative accessory is a game-changer for every boating enthusiast, providing unparalleled convenience and efficiency in maintaining and flushing your outboard engine.


  • Durable – Made with marine-grade materials, we designed our quick connects to be strong and durable. Tested rigorously to ensure performance and longevity.
  • UV Tested: Our product is made with UV-resistant materials to protect from damage whether you're cruising under the sun or braving rough waters.
  • Leak-Free Performance: Our Flush Port Quick Connect is engineered with a double O-ring design that ensures a tight, leak-free seal every time.
  • Secured Locking Cap: Safety and security are paramount on the water. That's why our Flush Port Quick Connect is equipped with a secured locking cap, providing added protection against accidental disconnection.


  • Hassle-Free - No more wasting time screwing around with your OEM flush port plug. Our Flush Port Quick Connect permanently replaces the OEM giving you convenience instead of a headache.
  • Saves Time – Get a quick connection every time you go to flush your outboards. Twist off the cap, connect the hose, flush, disconnect, and twist the cap back on. It’s that easy!


Remove the OEM Mercury flush port plug, unscrew the Mercury OEM plug from the 3/4" female hose outlet, remove the lanyard from the engine hose, thread in your new Seamule Flush Port Quick Connect to the flush port, reinstall the Seamule Flush Port Quick Connect into the engine cowling, give it a 1/4" turn clockwise to lock it in place. 

Helpful Tip: Remove cowling and inspect the flush hose for any kinks in the hose. If a kink exists, replace the Mercury 3/4" female hose outlet with the provided elbow. Orient the elbow inside the cowling to ensure no kinks are in the Mercury flush hose. (To help insert the 90-degree elbow, lube the barb or use a heat gun on the flush hose.)

Compatibility: Four Stroke, Racing, Pro XS, and Verado series engines. All horsepower ratings from 75hp - 500hp. Including V8 and V10 models. **Verify compatibility HERE


What it comes with: 

  • (1) Mercury Male Quick Connect
  • (1) Female Hose Quick Connect (Black)
  • (1) 90-degree Elbow (goes inside the cowling to ensure no kinks are in the Mercury flush hose; use if necessary)
  • (1) Wrench for Tightening
  • (1) Stainless Steel Hose Clamp

Product Patented

Sale price$89.99
Flush Port Quick Connect for Mercury engines
Flush Port Quick Connect for Mercury Sale price$89.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Easy installation.

Jay Batson
Easy install; helped me find an engine flaw!

To be clear; I first thought this might be a 1 minute swap. It's not. BUT, still it's easy enough.

And it was good for me to do; in fact, the water hose INSIDE the cowling of my Mercury engine was kinked from the factory! Who knows how effectively my flushes were happening before this. Installing the quick connect allowed me to straighten the run for the hose inside, and it's all good. I'm glad I did this for all the reasons!

Ted Schiff
Works perfectly!

Works perfectly!! No more struggling with my engines fussy fresh water flush port . Should be standard on any motor

Sergey Bary
A breeze to flush boat with quads

Seamule FlushPorts and FlushMaster are excellent product. It makes the process of flushing engines after a long day of fishing a breeze!

Chad Stidham

So much better than the world war 3 battle you wage against the stock caps every time you have to flush your motors.