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Flush Port Quick Connect for Yamaha

Introducing the Flush Port Quick Connect for Yamaha Outboards – an innovative accessory simplifying the flushing process. This quick-connect fitting is easy to install and replaces your OEM flush port, providing a secure attachment point for flushing hoses. Keep your outboard engine clean and running smoothly with this hassle-free maintenance accessory.


  • Durable – Made with marine-grade materials, we designed our quick connects to be strong and durable. Tested rigorously to ensure performance and longevity.
  • UV Tested: Our product is made with UV-resistant materials to protect from damage whether you're cruising under the sun or braving rough waters.
  • Leak-Free Performance: Our Flush Port Quick Connect is engineered with a double O-ring design that ensures a tight, leak-free seal every time.


  • Hassle-Free - No more wasting time with your OEM flush port plug. Our Flush Port Quick Connect permanently replaces the OEM, giving you convenience instead of a headache.
  • Saves Time – Get a quick connection every time you go to flush your outboards. Disconnect, connect the hose, flush, disconnect, and reconnect. It’s that easy!


Unthread your Yamaha flush port and thread in your new Seamule female quick connect on the male side. Take your new Seamule male quick connect piece and thread into female side of Yamaha flush port. The second Seamule female quick connect goes on the end of your water supply. 

Compatibility: Yamaha Outboard Engines 150 - 425hp (with a flush port)

  • NOT Compatible with: Yamaha Outboards 50 - 115hp or 450hp

Check your compatibility HERE.

What it comes with: 

  • (2) Female Quick Connects - black
  • (1) Male Quick Connect (Double O-Ring to ensure no leaks)

Product Patented

flush quick connect for yamaha
Flush Port Quick Connect for Yamaha REA-pris$49.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
david bennett
Yamaha connect port

Could not be Better. Job I use to dread after every fishing trip, now takes no time. Get it

Thomas Wilson
Yamaha flush

Works very well and is quick and easy

Ryan Hopkins

Water leaks on the connections.

Works great

Well made works great

John Costello

Simply perfect!