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Flush Port Quick Connect for Suzuki

Seamule has designed and created the new aftermarket Flush Port Quick Connect for Suzuki Outboard Engines.

Upgrade your Suzuki outboard engine with our cutting-edge Flush Port Quick Connect, designed to replace the OEM flush port seamlessly and permanently. This innovative accessory is a game-changer for every boating enthusiast, providing unparalleled convenience and efficiency in maintaining and flushing your outboard engine. 

Install: Simply remove the OEM Suzuki flush port plug. Thread in your new Seamule Flush Port Quick Connect. Use included wrench to tighten. 

Compatible with: All Four Stroke Suzuki Outboard Engines from 25hp - 350hp.

What it comes with: 

  • Suzuki Male Quick Connect
  • Female Hose Quick Connect (Blue) 
  • Wrench for tightening 



 Product Patented

suzuki flush port quick connect
Flush Port Quick Connect for Suzuki REA-pris$79.99