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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Does Flushmaster come with hoses?

All Flushmaster orders come with (1) hose for each outlet in the length of hose you select when purchasing. Choose from 5ft, 7ft, 9ft, 12ft, 15ft, or 20ft hose. If you order a 2-outlet Flushmaster it comes with (2) hoses. If you order a 4-outlet Flushmaster it comes with (4) hoses. 

**You only need to order extra hose if you need more length or to replace a hose. 

02. What length hose do I need?

This is all determined by your setup. If you trailer your boat then you won't need as long of hosing. If you have your Flushmaster mounted on your dock, then you may need more length. But if you cradle your Flushmaster on the dock, you won't need as long of hose because your Flushmaster device is portable and easier to access. 

If you have multiple outboards you need to account for the distance from each outboard to the Flushmaster. 

When in doubt, order long and cut down to size. 

03. Does Flushmaster split the water between motors?

NO! Flushmaster DOES NOT split the water between outboards. Flushmaster works by taking your water source and sequentially sending it through each outlet. Each outlet is numbered on the outside and matches the numbered outlets on the screen for programming. When you start Flushmaster, it will send water through outlet 1 first for the set amount of time. When outlet 1 is finished, Flushmaster will stop outlet 1 and send water through outlet 2 and so on. 

Once all outlets have completed, Flushmaster will give an audible completion sound and then block the flow of water from your water source. 

04. Can I run the engine while using Flushmaster?

NO! Using the flush port/plug on your outboard does NOT require you to run the engine while flushing. This can lead to damage to your outboard engine. 

05. Can I attach my garden hose?

Yes! All of our Flushmaster fittings are compatible to a standard garden size hose.

06. Can I use a salt away, or similar, solution with Flushmaster?

You can. We recommend attaching them to the end of the hose that connects to the outboard motor, with an individual applicator on each line. This way each outboard gets solution. Otherwise all the solution would be used on the first outboard that flushes. 

07. Do I need to do anything once I press start?

No! Press Start and Walk Away. 
Once you press start and Flushmaster begins, there is no need to go back or turn your water source off. Flushmaster will block the flow of water when completed.

Your Flushmaster order comes with a hose for each outlet. Water source connects to your Flushmaster, then each outlet hose connects to an outboard.

**If you are not utilizing each outlet on your Flushmaster then make sure to set the empty outlet to 0 minutes so it will not send water through that outlet. 

08. How do the hoses connect?

The hoses connect to the Flushmaster device through the male barbs attached to the device outlets. We include (2) clamps and (1) male barb for the hoses in your order. The additional clamp and male barb go on the other end that connects to the outboard. 

09. What is the power source for Flushmaster?

Flushmaster runs on (3) AA batteries. No need to run electrical or plug in. 

**Not all batteries are the same! Make sure you get good quality batteries from an established business. 

10. Why is water coming out of my flush port quick connect cap?

Water coming out of your quick connect cap is a visual indicator of debris or your check valve has an issue that needs to be addressed. 
With the OEM flush plug cap, you aren't able to see the water coming out as well because it is inverted. So when water comes out of the 2 holes on the OE plug, it is not as noticeable as it is when it comes out of our cap that sticks out from the engine.