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Article: Flushmaster Lands First Dealer - Mastry Engine Center

Flushmaster Lands First Dealer - Mastry Engine Center

Flushmaster Lands First Dealer - Mastry Engine Center

Smooth Sailing Ahead: The Synergistic Union of Mastry Engine Center and Flushmaster

In the vast realm of marine maintenance, where DIY solutions often prove to be a compromise, the collaboration between Mastry Engine Center and Flushmaster has emerged as a beacon of innovation. The union of Mastry Engine Center, a distinguished distributor of Suzuki outboard engines and parts, and Flushmaster, Seamule's groundbreaking engine flushing system, is reshaping the landscape of boat care.

The genesis of this partnership lies in a shared vision — a commitment to providing marine enthusiasts, boat owners, and professionals with state-of-the-art solutions for maintaining and optimizing their vessels. At the forefront of this collaboration is Flushmaster, Seamule's revolutionary engine flushing system, designed to ensure a meticulous cleanse of marine engines after each use.

DIY flushing, the traditional approach adopted by many boaters, often falls short due to various factors. Whether it's insufficient flushing duration, neglect, or the use of hose splitters that compromise water flow to engines, these practices can lead to saltwater and debris buildup. Mastry Engine Center, being a hub that sees numerous outboard issues stemming from improper flushing, recognized the transformative potential of Flushmaster.

Kevin Carlan, President of Mastry Engine Center, stands as a stalwart supporter of Flushmaster. His belief in the product goes beyond mere endorsement; it reflects a genuine conviction in its ability to redefine marine maintenance. Flushmaster's hands-free operation, aligned with manufacturers' recommendations, minimizes the risk of oversight and variability associated with manual flushing.

In an exclusive interview, Kevin Carlan shared insights into why he believes Flushmaster is a game-changer in the marine industry. "As a representative of engine manufacturers, we have to preach proper engine maintenance. Flushmaster is an avenue to take the inconveniences out of that maintenance," says Carlan. His perspective is grounded in the practicalities of the boating world — time is of the essence, and anything that makes maintenance easier is a boon.

Flushmaster, with its automated flushing system, takes away any excuse for not having a thorough cleanse after every use. It ensures that boat owners can connect hoses, press a button, and let Flushmaster handle the rest. For Carlan, this simplicity is key to encouraging regular and effective maintenance practices. "Proper is flushing it immediately while the engine's hot, while the pass is still hot, while everything is still flowing perfectly with no crystallized salt. And with Flushmaster, there's really no reason that isn't the case every time," he emphasized.

Flushmaster's design, durability, and efficiency resonate with Carlan's vision for marine maintenance. The device's construction, fully submersible, waterproof, and UV-resistant, aligns with Mastry Engine Center's commitment to quality products that endure the challenges of the marine environment.

Kevin Carlan envisions Flushmaster as a catalyst for transforming the boating experience. "Anything that makes maintenance easier, I'm a fan of, and any boat owner should be a fan of because there's no reason not to do the proper maintenance on your engine," he states unequivocally. This advocacy goes beyond just a product endorsement; it's a testament to the belief that Flushmaster is not just a convenience but a pivotal tool in preserving the performance and longevity of boat engines.

The partnership between Mastry Engine Center and Flushmaster is not merely transactional; it's a shared journey toward a future where marine maintenance is streamlined, efficient, and accessible. The integration of Flushmaster into Mastry Engine Center's offerings reflects a commitment to providing boaters with not only top-quality engines but also the means to maintain them with ease.

As the marine industry charts a course into a future defined by innovation and efficiency, the union of Mastry Engine Center and Flushmaster is steering the way. Flushmaster, with the unwavering support of Kevin Carlan and Mastry Engine Center, is poised to become a household name among boaters, transforming the chore of engine maintenance into a seamless and integral part of the boating experience. The collaboration is not just about selling a product; it's about fostering a community of boaters who prioritize the longevity and performance of their vessels.


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