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Why FlushMaster?

A plug-and-play device used to flush water through the internal cooling system of outboard boat engines.

Save Time

Boaters can save time by simplifying the flushing process. Rather than having to flush each motor individually.

Create Opportunity

Many boaters have families or obligations when they return to the dock. Whether it be a dinner reservation or bedtime

Ensure Proper Maintenance

As spelled out in every outboard's owner manual, you must flush your outboard motors after every use in saltwater.

Designed For Harsh Salt Environments

Flushmaster is made from materials designed for harsh salt environments and to be left outside in any condition.

How Does it Works

The Flushmaster is a "plug and play" device. The product requires three AAA batteries to function. All Flushmasters come preprogrammed to flush every outboard for 15 minutes each; however, this setting can be easily changed depending on the customer's preferences. Once batters are installed, the customer simply needs to press ON, and then START, to begin the flushing process. After pressing the start button, the device will send water out of the first outlet for 15 minutes, and then switch to the second outlet for 15 minutes, and so on. When the device has completed the flushing of all outboards, a completion sound will be audible, and the device will shut off.

Extend Your Outboard Motors' Service Life

Many boaters often forget, or altogether skip flushing their outboard motors simply because the process requires too much time and work; especially concerning multiple engines. This then results in poor motor maintenance and shortened lifespan. With our outboard flushing device, it makes the process so much easiehr and convenient, that boat owners are more inclined to flush their outboard motors after every use.

Each FlushMaster SAVE thousand liters of water 

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  • Compatible triple or quad motor boats
  • Water Proof
  • LCD screen with backlight for night use
  • Intelligent Features
  • Easy-To-Install, Easy-To-Use
  • True Plug-and-Play
2-Outlet Flushmaster4-Outlet Flushmaster
3ft Hose Kit (fittings and clamps) Included5ft Hose Kit (+$29.99)7ft Hose Kit (+$34.99)9ft Hose Kit (+$39.99)12ft Hose Kit (+$49.99)

True to size.We recommend ordering your usual size.

  • Save Time

  • Ensure Proper Maintenance

  • Create Opportunity

  • Designed For Harsh Salt Environments


Cut Down Flushing Time Drastically

Flushing multiple outboard motors individually is a time-consuming process. You must connect the hose to the first motor, turn on the water, and run it for the required flushing time your motor manufacturer suggests, (12-15 minutes). Once finished with first engine you will now have to turn water off, remove hose, reconnect to the next engine, and turn water back on. Using our Flushmaster helps you drastically cut down on the time you spend on this maintenance routine since you can now flush multiple outboard motors simultaneously.

What Our Customers Are Saying

A plug-and-play device used to simplify the process of flushing your outboard motors while saving time, money, and ensuring proper maintenance.