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Seamule Beach Cart

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Getting all your gear to and from the beach can be a real hassle. The Seamule Beach Cart makes getting to and from the beach easier than ever. With multiple cup holders, rod and umbrella holders, room for your cooler, chairs, and supplies- This collapsible cart carries everything you need for a perfect day at the beach. A padded handle and high tech wheels make pushing our ergonomically correct cart as easy as possible, even through sugar sand, mud, or rough terrain. Our wheels flex and flatten to increase surface area and stay on top of the sand!

This cart collapses into a compact size for storage. The handle quickly folds down and accessories easily detach for storage or transport in a small vehicle. The wheels are also removable if needed. Extend it open, load it up, and you are off to a day on the water!

Rolls in Soft Sand

Comfortably push your cart on soft sand, bumps, or hard pavement with revolutionary wheels that flex and flatten to increase surface area and stay on top of sand.

Compact and Collapsible

Our cart is the only collapsible cart that works on soft sand. Designed with small cars in mind, our handle stows in three different positions for the trunk of your vehicle, use, and hanging in the garage. Easily remove the wheels for additional storage capacity. 


Our cart holds your umbrella; no more digging, screwing, or pounding for shade. Our cart has a proprietary mounting system for adding accessories like cup-holders, chair-holders, and tables. Buy our accessories or use your own! 

Get Rid Of The Hassle!

Ergonomic Pushing
Push up to 180 lbs without worry. Durable, high-tech beach wheels turn grueling work into a simple, one handed task.

Rust Resistant Build
Enjoy a rust free cart, even in harsh salt conditions. We use stainless steel and powder coated aluminum parts so that you can leave your cart outside. 

Easy to Store
Flip down the handle and remove your attachments for easy storage. Wheels are easily removable to create an even more compact cart for transport.

Ready to Customize
Our carts were designed to be a custom fit for every customer, whether fishing, camping or leisure. Add your own personal touches with our accessories.

  Single Trip Transport
Multiple trips to and from the car are a thing of the past. Get straight to relaxing in one trip with this strong and well designed build.

Enjoy The Beach More, Make Getting There Easier!

Heavy Duty Weight Capacity
Haul up to 180 lbs with this durable build.

Easily Adjustable Features
Adjust or remove the wheels, handle, accessories, and umbrella.

Convenient Size
At 30" wide easily fit through your garage or house door, and through beach accesses.

Customer Support
We are here for our customers. Contact us, we will take care of your concerns.

Durable High Tech Wheels
Proprietary wheels flatten and flex, staying on top of bumps and soft sand

Bumper Grade Plastic
4mm thick bumper grade PP plastic makes up the cart base. Extremely durable

Rust Resistant Materials 
All materials were selected with harsh salt conditions in mind. No worries about rust

Removable Accessories
Add and remove anything to your cart. Pick from our growing list of accessories or make your own and attach with our attachment plate.