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BELANGRIJKSTE ACCESSOIRES DIE UW AANDACHT WAARD HEBBEN Het voorbereidingsstation Het voorbereidingsstation wordt waarschijnlijk je favoriete accessoire voor je winkelwagentje. In de eerste plaats biedt het eenvoudig beheer van de "droge" opslag, tangen, messen en een handig haakbakje. Het voorbereidingsstation is erg groot en biedt plaats aan al uw kleinere per


Seamule began with one angler's dream of a compact fishing caddy, that he could transport in his Toyota Camry to his favorite fishing spot. Beginning with drawings on scrap paper in a garage, the dream slowly began to take shape. From penciled designs to wood work prototypes, the design grew from being conceptual, to a functioning prototype. This is where our amazing team of engineers and dedicated anglers poured their time and insight into finalizing one of the coolest product lines to hit the outdoor market. Since then, we have continued developing accessories and tweaking our carts to best fit our customer's needs, and provide the most value.  

The Prep Station

The prep station is probably going to be your favorite accessory for your cart. First and foremost, it provides easy management of "dry" storage, pliers, knives, and a convenient hook tray. The prep station is very large and will accommodate all of your smaller personal items, keeping them within hand reach. A second feature that the fisherman especially love, is that the lid doubles as a cutting board. Cut and prep your bait, or cut a lime and make a drink! Finally, this favorite Seamule accessory has not one, but two open mounting locations for more accessories! You can easily add two large rod holders, two 2-rod holders, two cup holders, or any combination! This is truly our most versatile and sought after attachment accessory, you wont regret this one!

The Chair Holder

The chair holder is basically a necessity for the beach cart. Who goes to the beach without chairs? While you could easily transport your chairs somewhere else on the cart, this furniture grade PVC Chair holder conveniently carries 2-3 chairs out of the way, in the front of your cart. Easily removable and light weight, this accessory is your best friend. You can hang your towels and bags on it as well!  

The Large Rod Holder

This pole holder is called large for two reasons. Not only does it hold 3 poles rather than the standard two, but also that the holes have a slightly larger diameter to accommodate thicker surf/pier fishing poles and umbrellas. Designed with anglers and families in mind, this attractive accessory will not let you down. Mountable on the rear of your cart, on both sides, or on our prep station - this large rod holder will get use everywhere on your cart! Furthermore, with the purchase of a Seamule Attachment Plate, you can mount this removable accessory on your dock or boat!

The Cup Holder

While all of Seamule carts have cup holders molded into the design, this cup holder works better. Why? Because you can move it around the cart to where it best suits you! Many customers like to mount it on the prep station so that they have somewhere to put their drinks while pushing the cart.

Constructed of marine-grade polymer this drink holder fits cans and bottles in "Coozie" type insulators, handled mugs, bottled water of many types and sizes, and even will also accommodate most binoculars!