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Articolo: Flushmaster's St Pete Boat Show Success

Flushmaster's St Pete Boat Show Success

Flushmaster's St Pete Boat Show Success

Making Waves at the St. Petersburg Power and Sailboat Show with Flushmaster

The St. Petersburg Power and Sailboat Show is renowned for its grandeur, and this year, Seamule made quite a splash. From January 18 to 21, our booth at the Duke Energy Center for the Arts Mahaffey Theater Yacht Basin and Albert Whitted Park was abuzz with excitement. It was not just a boat show; it was a testament to the game-changing innovation in marine maintenance that is Flushmaster.

flushmaster outboard motor flusher

Record Sales and Overwhelming Interest

The response we received at the St. Pete Boat Show exceeded our expectations. Our booth witnessed a constant stream of visitors—from upper-level manufacturer representatives to individual consumers passionate about elevating their boating experience. The interest in Flushmaster at the show led to record sales. It was heartening to see the marine community embracing a product designed to simplify and revolutionize outboard maintenance.


The Flushmaster Experience

Flushmaster, our automated outboard flushing system, took center stage. Visitors had the opportunity to witness firsthand how this innovative device ensures optimal engine maintenance with just the push of a button. Paired seamlessly with our Flush Port Quick Connects, it presented the future of hassle-free, efficient flushing for outboard motors.

Flush Your Motors, Not Your Time

"I love seeing the lightbulb go off on people's faces when they see the Flushmaster in action with our booth display. Seeing them understand it and the convenience it brings to an important maintenance routine." said Tee Grizzard, Head of Business Development. One of our partners supplied us with Suzuki engines for the show. We made a "flush tank" so we can actively flush motors at the boat shows. Having the interactive display helps educate on what Flushmaster is and does. Kyle Lessard, Director of Operations, had this to say, "Our products make routine outboard maintenance simple and convenient. No one enjoys it, but Flushmaster changes that." 


Navigating the Show

The show itself was a maritime enthusiast's dream. Featuring an extensive array of powerboats and sailboats, both on land and in the water, attendees had the chance to explore and admire the latest offerings. The 40,000-square-foot tent housed a treasure trove of marine gear, accessories, and equipment, making it a one-stop-shop for boating enthusiasts. 


Comprehensive Selection and Complimentary Attractions

Whether attendees were in the market for a center console fishing boat, a luxurious yacht, a sleek sailboat, or a nimble kayak, the show catered to every boating preference. In addition to the impressive lineup, the event offered a variety of complimentary attractions. From seminars to kids' fishing clinics and on-water boat training courses with the Annapolis School of Seamanship and Progressive, there was something for everyone.


Looking Ahead

As we reflect on the success of the St. Pete Boat Show, we are energized by the enthusiasm Flushmaster generated. The overwhelming interest and positive feedback reinforce our belief that Flushmaster is reshaping the landscape of marine maintenance. We're excited to continue this journey, bringing innovation and convenience to boaters around the world.

Stay tuned for more updates as we navigate future boat shows and events. 

Your journey to simplified outboard maintenance starts with Flushmaster. Join us as we redefine marine maintenance—one boat at a time.

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