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Article: Flushmaster Review with Kevin Carlan, President of Mastry

Flushmaster Review with Kevin Carlan, President of Mastry

Flushmaster Review with Kevin Carlan, President of Mastry

Kevin Carlan, President of Mastry, Reviews Flushmaster

Seamule is delighted to present an exclusive interview with a leading figure in the marine industry, Mr. Kevin Carlan, President of Mastry Engine Center, the largest Suzuki dealer in the United States. Join us as we delve into a conversation about innovation, maintenance, and the game-changing Flushmaster, Seamule's latest innovation that has been making waves in the boating world.

In this insightful interview, Kevin Carlan shares his excitement about Flushmaster, a revolutionary portable outboard flushing device designed to ensure proper outboard engine maintenance. As a representative of engine manufacturers, Carlan emphasizes the importance of preaching proper engine maintenance and sees Flushmaster as a valuable tool in achieving this goal.


Solving the Inconveniences of Maintenance

Carlan highlights that as representatives of engine manufacturers, they often advocate for proper engine maintenance. However, he acknowledges that traditional maintenance methods can be inconvenient. Flushmaster, in his view, addresses these inconveniences by providing a more accessible and efficient avenue for outboard engine maintenance.

He notes, "Anything that makes maintenance easier, I'm a fan of, and any boat owner should be a fan of because there's no reason not to do the proper maintenance on your engine."


Optimizing Maintenance with Flushmaster

The interview goes on to discuss how Flushmaster simplifies the outboard engine maintenance process. Carlan underscores the importance of immediate flushing while the engine is still hot and the passages are clear. With Flushmaster, he notes, there's no reason not to achieve this level of maintenance every time.

Carlan adds, "You could flush it tomorrow and say I did it properly, that's proper maintenance. But proper is flushing it immediately while the engine's hot, while the passages are still hot, while everything's still flowing perfectly with no crystallized salt, and with the Flushmaster, there's really no reason that isn't the case every time."


A Tool for Every Boater

The conversation emphasizes that Flushmaster is not just a maintenance tool; it's a means to optimize the entire boating experience. Carlan explains how proper maintenance enhances fuel efficiency, power output, and overall reliability, giving boaters the confidence to explore new horizons.

As the President of Mastry Engine Center, Carlan's endorsement of Flushmaster adds weight to its value and reliability. The interview provides valuable insights for boaters of all levels, from seasoned sailors to those embarking on their maritime journey.

Don't miss out on this engaging conversation that sheds light on the transformative impact of Flushmaster on the boating lifestyle. Seamule's interview with Kevin Carlan is a must-watch for anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of proper outboard engine maintenance and the revolutionary solutions offered by Flushmaster.

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WATCH FULL VIDEO HERE https://youtu.be/nqyZ6Kbtw8U

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