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Article: How To Flush Your Outboard Motors Like a Pro

How To Flush Your Outboard Motors Like a Pro

How To Flush Your Outboard Motors Like a Pro

Most boat owners know that they’re supposed to flush their outboard motors regularly, but many don’t know how, and even fewer know how to do it properly. If you’re one of them, don’t worry – Seamule is here to help! As the developers of the world’s first portable automated outboard motor flushing system, we can walk you through the process of flushing your outboard motors like a seasoned professional. Continue reading to learn more and start maintaining your boat with confidence!

Install the Flush Port Quick Connects

Begin by installing the Flush Port Quick Connects onto your outboard motors. These durable and convenient connectors from Seamule are designed to replace the OEM flush ports, providing a more secure and efficient way to attach hoses for flushing. The straightforward installation process ensures that you can easily connect and disconnect hoses as needed for effective flushing.

Set Up the Flushmaster Device

The Flushmaster Automated Flushing System is fully portable, but we recommend installing it on your dock for easy access to your boat. The device is engineered to automate the flushing procedure, taking the hassle out of manual flushing. Just make sure you connect it to a source of fresh water, such as a water hose or spigot, before you get started.

Attach the Hoses

Next, it’s time to use the outlet hoses to connect the Flushmaster unit to the previously installed Flush Port Quick Connects on your outboard motors. The seamless connection ensures a continuous flow of freshwater through the motors, effectively flushing out any salt, debris, or impurities accumulated during use.

Start the Flushing Process

During the flushing process, keep an eye on the Flushmaster unit to ensure that water is flowing through the system smoothly. The screen will display important information, such as the remaining flush time, the number of connected motors, and the remaining battery life. It’s also a good idea to monitor the hoses and connections to prevent any leaks or interruptions.


Now that you know how to properly flush your outboard motors with the Flushmaster Automated Flushing System, why wait to get started? Order yours from Seamule today and take advantage of a faster, easier, and more convenient way to keep your boat’s outboard motors running smoothly.

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