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Mercury Outboard Motor Flusher

Change the way you flush your outboard boat motors with FLUSHMASTER!

Why Mercury Outboard Motor Flusher?

When you pull your boat into your dock, slip, or driveway- Simply connect your outlet hoses, rinse your boat, press START on the FLUSHMASTER, and walk away. Let the mule do the work for you!

Boaters can save time by simplifying the flushing process. Press Start and Walk away until the next time you use the boat.

Create Opportunity

Many boaters have families or obligations when they return to the dock. Avoid having to wait while your motors flush!

As spelled out in every outboard's owner manual, you must flush your outboard motors after every use in saltwater. Might as well make that process a lot easier!

Designed For Harsh Salt Environments

Flushmaster is made from materials designed for harsh salt environments and meant to be left outside in any condition.

Connect Device to Water Source

Attach Outlet Hoses to Motors

Turn Device on then press start

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  • Compatible with single to quad motor boats
  • Flushes one motor at a time
  • LCD screen with backlight for night use
  • Intelligent Features
  • Easy-To-Install, Easy-To-Use
  • Water Proof
5 FT7 FT9 FT12 FT15 FT20 FT

Hose Length -We recommend you determine your application and measure desired hose length.

  • Save Time

  • Ensure Proper Maintenance

  • Create Opportunity

  • Designed For Harsh Salt Environments


Cut Down Flushing Time Drastically

Flushing outboard motors is a time-consuming process, especially with multiple motors. You must connect the hose to the first motor, turn on the water, wait 15 minutes, turn the water off, disconnect your hose, and so on for each additional motor. Using Mercury Outboard Motor Flusher helps you drastically cut down on the time you spend on this maintenance routine since you can now flush multiple outboard motors individually with just the push of a button.

In Just 4 Easy Steps

Connect to Water Source

Connect your Flushmaster directly to a spigot or water hose. Using a spigot or reinforced hose allows you to leave the water on 100% of the time.

Connect to Boat Motors

Using a quick connect or the standard flush hose fittings, connect your outlet hoses to your outboard motors.

Press ON, Press START

Once the hoses are connected, simply press "ON", and then press "START". All devices come pre-programmed for 15 minutes per outlet.

Walk Away

The Flushmaster will flush each motor one at a time. Upon completion, the device will shut off and block the flow of water. 



2-OUTLET (For Single and Dual)

4-OUTLET (For Triple and Quad)

What length Hoses do i need?

Selecting the right hose length is an important decision. With too short of hoses, the device may not reach for your application. Too long of hoses, and you have more hassle than needed. All Mercury Outboard Motor Flusher's come with 3 FT hoses as standard, with longer hoses available to meet each customer's application.  3 FT hoses are the recommended length if you will be connecting to a hose and placing the device in the transom of your boat. Longer hoses are meant for fixed mount applications, for example when the device is connected directly to a spigot nearest to your boat. Furthermore, depending on the beam of your boat, longer hoses may be necessary.  Look at the applications below to see what hose length best fits your setup.

Each Mercury Outboard Motor Flusher can SAVE thousands of gallons of water 


How will I mount my Mercury Outboard Motor Flusher?

Save Time And Money

Connected directly to water spigot

Become A Makeup Artist

Mounted to a Piling

Learn With Experts

Placed in the transom

Take a look at the recommended applications to determine how you want to use your Mercury Outboard Motor Flusher. We recommend connecting directly to a water spigot and leaving the water on 100% of the time. Once you have chosen your preferred application, measure the distance from the device to your motors. Hose lengths available are 3 FT, 5FT, 7 FT, 9 FT, and 12 FT. Need help with your application or custom hoses, call us!

How Does it Work?

The Mercury Outboard Motor Flusher is a true "plug and play" device. After installation, the customer will simply press ON and then START to begin the flushing process. After pressing start, the device will send water out of the first outlet for your set amount of time (pre programmed for 15 minutes), and then switch to the second outlet, and so on. When the device has completed flushing all outboards, a completion sound will be audible, and the device will shut off blocking the flow of water. There is no need to return to the device, disconnect hoses, or shut the water off until your next boating adventure!

Extend Your Outboard Motors' Service Life

Many boaters often forget, or altogether skip flushing their outboard motors simply because the process requires too much time and effort; especially with multiple engines. This then results in poor motor maintenance and a shortened lifespan. With our Mercury Outboard Motor Flusher device, it makes the process so much easier and convenient, that boat owners are more inclined to flush their outboard motors after every use.

A plug-and-play device used to simplify the process of flushing your outboard motors while saving time, money, and ensuring proper maintenance.