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Frequently Asked Questions


Shipping, Returns and Warranty

Is shipping really free?

How long will shipping take?


Do you accept returns?


What is Flushmaster?

When do I change the batteries?

What batteries does the Flushmaster take?

How do I change the flushing duration from the factory settings?

Does the Flushmaster turn off after use?

Will the Flushmaster stop the flow of water when finished?

Is it hard to see the screen during a sunny day or at night?

Can I order custom hose lengths?

Can I use my own hoses?

How do I contact support, customer service, sales?

Does your Flushmaster have a warranty?

Does my Flushmaster switch motors automatically?

Can the Flushmaster 2-Outlet flush a single engine?

Does Flushmaster work with my outboard motor?

Can the Flushmaster 4-Outlet flush a triple engine?

Where are you located?

Is the Flushmaster waterproof or water resistant?

Can Flushmaster guarantee a proper and quality freshwater flush through my outboard engines?

How big is the Flushmaster?

What if my Flushmaster doesn't turn on?

Can I leave my Flushmaster at the end of my spigot, hose or dock all season?

Can the Flushmaster overheat from extended use or from the sun?

Can the Flushmaster freeze from colder temperatures?

Can I use my Flushmaster to flush two separate boats?

Can I use my Flushmaster at the same time I rinse my boat down?

How much does the Flushmaster weigh?


What is Seamule?

Push the cart, not pull?

How many different carts does Seamule have?

How will Seamule change my fishing experience?

What are Seamule attachments?

How well does the wade cart float?