Yamaha Talks Freshwater Flushing Importance

Yamaha Talks Freshwater Flushing Importance

Yamaha's Insight on Freshwater Flushing for Outboard Motors

Amidst the meticulous care we dedicate to marine equipment, Yamaha's recent blog sheds light on an often overlooked aspect – the freshwater flushing of outboard motors. The blog emphasizes the critical role of this practice in preserving engine performance and longevity. Debris infiltration and marine growth hindrance are highlighted as potential threats to the water pump and engine. Yamaha underscores the effectiveness of freshwater flushing in dislodging contaminants and addressing salt buildup, ultimately promoting optimal cooling and preventing corrosion. The blog also outlines three proven methods for efficient flushing. 

Check out the FULL ARTICLE here: https://yamahaoutboards.com/blog/maintenance/freshwater-flushing-adds-years-to-the-life-of-an-outboard?fbclid=IwAR0o5rDC---DOAsXGkn8rLshlIN5EVygTgPQYw3gTzVIm79XNKJUdtmIHIw

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