Uncompromised Quality: Submersible, Waterproof, and UV-Proof

Uncompromised Quality: Submersible, Waterproof, and UV-Proof

Stressed Tested and Quality Guarantee for the Flushmaster

Behind every innovation lies a journey of dedication and refinement. Join Cayman Ellis, President of Seamule, as he offers an exclusive peek into the extensive testing and craftsmanship that shaped the Flushmaster into what it is today. Over 30 prototypes and 3 years of testing went into the creation of the Flushmaster you see today. 

Cayman Ellis shares a remarkable experience – during a hurricane, Flushmaster was submerged underwater. Against all odds, the device not only survived but thrived. The backlight illuminated the screen underwater, and the device functioned impeccably. It's a testament to Flushmaster's unparalleled durability and performance.

The dedication, the countless prototypes, and the rigorous testing all culminated in a product that stands as a testament to Seamule's commitment to quality and innovation.

WATCH HERE: https://youtube.com/shorts/ac9FTTdfbNg?feature=share

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