Florida Insider Fishing Report Talks Flushmaster Benefits

Florida Insider Fishing Report Talks Flushmaster Benefits

Setting Sail with Flushmaster on the Florida Insider Fishing Report

We are thrilled to announce a milestone achievement that has us excited – Flushmaster, the revolutionary plug-and-play device for outboard motor flushing, was showcased as a featured product on the prestigious Florida Insider Fishing Report TV show. This incredible opportunity not only highlights the innovation and convenience that Flushmaster brings to boaters but also underscores the immense support we've received from the fishing community. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Florida Insider Fishing Report, Captain Rick Murphy, Dave Ferrell, and the entire team for welcoming us with open arms and recognizing the significance of Flushmaster in the world of boating.


The Florida Insider Fishing Report, hosted by the seasoned angler and fishing expert Captain Rick Murphy along with Dave Ferrell, has been a beacon for fishing enthusiasts across the region. For years, Captain Rick Murphy and Dave Ferrell have shared their wealth of fishing wisdom, showcasing the latest gear and technologies that elevate the fishing experience. It is with immense pride and gratitude that we have had the opportunity to stand alongside Captain Rick, Dave Ferrell, and the Florida Insider Fishing Report to unveil Flushmaster.


Captain Rick Murphy and Dave Ferrell, with their wealth of fishing expertise spanning decades, recognize the significance of maintaining boat motors for seamless fishing adventures. Having Flushmaster showcased on the Florida Insider Fishing Report speaks volumes about the credibility and impact of our innovation. Captain Rick's and Dave Ferrell's endorsements reinforce the fact that Flushmaster isn't just a convenient gadget; it's a game-changer that aligns perfectly with the needs and aspirations of boaters.


As Flushmaster basks in the spotlight on the Florida Insider Fishing Report, we invite boaters, anglers, and fishing enthusiasts to discover the convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind that Flushmaster brings to your boating journeys. We stand committed to enhancing your experience on the water by offering a solution that saves time, money, and ensures the longevity of your outboard motors

Stay tuned as we continue to navigate new horizons, driven by the passion to redefine boating maintenance and contribute to the joy of boating. Together, we're casting a brighter future for boating enthusiasts everywhere.

WATCH the full episode here: https://floridainsiderfishingreport.com/watch-episodes/  

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