Central Marine St. Pete Welcomes Flushmaster to Their Catalog and Showroom

Central Marine St. Pete Welcomes Flushmaster to Their Catalog and Showroom

Nestled in the vibrant coastal city of St. Petersburg, Florida, Central Marine has been an anchor in the boating community since its inception in 1987. What began as a marine service facility burgeoned into a dynamic new boat dealership, earning its reputation as a trusted provider of quality boating solutions. Today, we're excited to share that Central Marine has added Flushmaster, the innovative plug-and-play outboard motor flushing device, to their illustrious product catalog and showroom. This symbiotic partnership underscores Central Marine's commitment to innovation and elevating the boating experience.

Central Marine is not just a boat dealer; it's a boating haven offering a wide range of boats tailored to diverse preferences. From dual console, family fishing, and power catamarans to pilothouse, bay, sports cabin, and center console boats, Central Marine boasts an impressive selection from renowned brands including Cobia Boats, Jupiter Boats, Parker, Barletta, World Cat, Solace, and Yamaha.

The inclusion of Flushmaster in Central Marine's esteemed catalog is a testament to their dedication to offering solutions that elevate boating experiences. Flushmaster's innovative approach to simplifying outboard motor maintenance aligns seamlessly with Central Marine's ethos of providing boaters with the best tools for hassle-free enjoyment on the water.

Central Marine's legacy of excellence, coupled with their embrace of innovation, makes them the perfect partner for introducing Flushmaster to boaters seeking efficient outboard motor maintenance. Whether you're a seasoned mariner or a novice adventurer, Central Marine's commitment to quality and expertise ensures that your boating needs are met with precision and care.

As Central Marine's legacy continues to unfold, the addition of Flushmaster to their offerings cements their status as a pioneer in boating excellence. Visit Central Marine's showroom, immerse yourself in their legacy, and explore the convenience that Flushmaster brings to outboard motor care. Together, Central Marine and Flushmaster invite you to experience a new era of boating maintenance – one that's built on innovation and designed to enhance every moment on the water.


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