Bill Herlong of Herlong Yacht Service Reviews Flushmaster

Bill Herlong of Herlong Yacht Service Reviews Flushmaster

Streamlining Boating Maintenance

Bill Herlong, Owner of Herlong Yacht Service, shares his thoughts on the game-changing Flushmaster. With a simple yet effective approach, Flushmaster is transforming engine maintenance, as highlighted by Bill's experience. Dive into how Flushmaster is revolutionizing boating maintenance through Bill's expert perspective.

Bill commends Flushmaster's convenience: "My boat has to bow in. I use Flushmaster on the end of my hose and flush the engines as I pick up loose stuff and unload the boat. It's done, and I'm ready to wash down." Bill's endorsement reflects Flushmaster's seamless integration into his boating routine.

Watch the full video HERE to witness how Flushmaster enhances Bill Herlong's maintenance routine. Seamule's innovation redefines engine care, freeing up more time for the water and less for maintenance.

Bill Herlong's testimonial underscores Flushmaster's impact. Seamule's innovation simplifies maintenance, leaving more time for boaters to enjoy what they love most – the water. Experience the revolution firsthand with Flushmaster.


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