Elevating Boating Excellence: Seamule Partners with OneWater Marine to Introduce Flushmaster

Elevating Boating Excellence: Seamule Partners with OneWater Marine to Introduce Flushmaster

A New Era in Marine Innovation

In a groundbreaking alliance, Seamule and OneWater Marine join forces to redefine the marine experience. Seamule is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with OneWater Marine, a dominant force in premium recreational boat dealerships across North America. Together, they unveil Flushmaster, a revolutionary product set to transform boating maintenance and dealership operations.

OneWater Marine Inc. stands as an industry titan in the world of marine retail. Renowned for its aggressive expansion strategy, OneWater Marine acquires and operates elite marine dealerships across North America. Offering a spectrum of acquisition models, OneWater Marine ensures a seamless transition for dealer owners, operators, and principals. Seamule's partnership with OneWater Marine brings forth Flushmaster, a game-changing innovation in outboard engine maintenance. Boaters can now experience the ease of caring for their engines with Flushmaster's cutting-edge technology, all while benefiting from the unparalleled dealership expertise provided by OneWater Marine.

OneWater Marine's acquisition models offer a clear path for existing boat dealership owners to transition smoothly out of day-to-day operations. This forward-looking approach not only safeguards future income but also upholds the legacy of excellence within the marine retail industry. Seamule and OneWater Marine are united in their commitment to excellence. Seamule's Flushmaster simplifies engine maintenance, while OneWater Marine's approach preserves local dealer group branding, ensuring long-standing customer relationships continue to thrive.

As Seamule and OneWater Marine chart a new course together, boating enthusiasts can anticipate a horizon enriched with innovation, convenience, and seamless transitions. The partnership signifies a transformation in marine retail, promising boaters a journey defined by excellence and expertise.

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