Frequently Asked Questions

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What does a Seamule do?

SeaMule provides land-based angler with a compact fishing caddy, designed to take their gear to where they fish. Whether you fish from a pier, beach, shore, or wade fish, Seamule will get you there. Seamule has multiple add-on options, which are interchangeable between the caddies. This allows each angler to customize his/her caddy to their specific needs. Built with corrosion resistant materials, Seamule is built to last. A lifestyle brand that connects everything and everyone with love for fishing.

How will it change the fishing experience?

Anglers will be able to enjoy a day fishing without the hassle of disorganized gear. You no longer need a truck to carry the equipment to your favorite fishing spot. Designed to fit in the trunk of any compact vehicle, Seamule is lightweight, easy to assemble, and made of the highest quality polypropylene plastics. Anglers will never know how they “survived” without a SeaMule at their side.

Is the Seamule easy to transport?

Yes, this is just one of the reasons Seamule is different. All the products currently on the market are made very cheap and YOU CANNOT transport unless you have a truck or van.

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