Best Aluminum Fishing Pliers

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Are you on a quest Best Aluminum Fishing Pliers?

When you rely on your fishing gear to work and work every time you need your Best Aluminum Fishing Pliers. Our rugged and durable aluminum Seamule fishing pliers will never let you down.

Best Aluminum Fishing Pliers

The Truly Are The Best Aluminum Fishing Pliers. Tournament Series Quality.

These Tournament Series pliers are endowed with exceptional quality like any young up-and-comer is. With its corrosion resistant anodized coating topped and rubberized paint for maximum grip and slip-resistance, #304 stainless steel jaws and Tungsten Carbide cutters for cutting monofilament, fluorocarbon and braided lines. Our no-fail line cutting system prevents the line from falling behind enemy line… or beneath the cutters. Complete with a coiled lanyard (max length = 36″) with snap clips and a 180 degree swiveling molded rubber sheath. Arguably, the Best Aluminum Fishing Pliers.

Best Aluminum Fishing Pliers

No matter where you fish you need the best Best Aluminum Fishing Pliers available.

Whether you’re on your boat, on the pier, or wading in the Gulf these pliers will serve your angling needs well and do so with predictable reliability. When you need the Best Aluminum Fishing Pliers, you need these high-quality Seamule pliers. You won’t be dissapointed.

What do Anglers say about their Seamule Fishing Pliers? They Say That They Are The Best Aluminum Fishing Pliers, Period.

“I fish a lot, at least three times a week and I am always in salt water. These pliers have never let me down and after a fresh rinse off with fresh water, they still look like the day I purchased them. These are definitely the Best Aluminum Fishing Pliers. I am planning on getting a few as gifts for all of my fishing buddies.”

-John G, Tampa, Florida

Best Aluminum Fishing Pliers

Features of Seamule Best Aluminum Fishing Pliers

•Anodized finish available in 17 different colors
•Solid T6-6061 Aircraft grade aluminum construction for light weight and reliable performance
•Anodized for corrosion resistance
•Rubber grip inserts for increased comfort and slip resistance
•#304 Stainless steel inserts for jaw strength
•Replaceable tungsten-carbide line cutters
•180-degree swiveling rubber sheath with belt clip
•36″coiled lanyard with snap clips
•4.9 ounces
•Length 7.5″

When you’re out enjoying a day fishing on the water the last thing you need is to have your fishing pliers fail. You need a pair of fishing pliers that are both rugged and durable. You need a pair of fishing pliers that work in a precise manner. You need a pair of fishing pliers that feel good in your hands so that they become a natural extension of you.

Best Aluminum Fishing Pliers

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Anglers can’t live without fishing pliers, every avid fishing enthusiast knows that. If you’re looking for the Best Aluminum Fishing Pliers on the market, we think you will thoroughly enjoy these high quality, durable, and rigged aluminum fishing pliers. If you’re ready to get your hands on the Best Aluminum Fishing Pliers in the world, then click the Seamule Buy Now Button above this paragraph. You will be directed to our safe and cyber-secure online store where you can buy your new Seamule Fishing Pliers. Enjoy your days on the water fishing!

You’ve just found the Best Aluminum Fishing Pliers!