Angler Testimonials

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“Everything about Seamule screams awesome down to the carts and the FOUNDER’s passion for fishing. The entire idea of the Seamule is to make the painstaking task of dealing with your fishing gear a lot easier. Making actual fishing easier. Never going back to the old ways.”

– Taylor Busche

“Go where boats can’t, Seamule has revolutionized how we wade fish. Sneak up on shallow water fish, easy to carry, easy to stow, customize you’re mule to fit you’re gear needs. Get ya a Seamule and change the way you wade fish.”
– Justin Greenhill

“Seamule is the only unique and useful thing in the fishing industry. It has helped me so much carrying around all my gear and easily slides into my truck or my moms car trunk. If you don’t have a Seamule cart your missing out on a whole new world. Brian Taylor, the founder of Seamule has so much passion for fishing and creating awesome inventions! Id suggest this cart to anyone and everyone out there.”
– Brooke Bailey

“I wanted to thank the guys at Seamule for an awesome new product for Kayakers and waders. I used it last weekend on a camping trip over at Kars Park with a no motor zone, and worked perfect! I can’t wait to take it back out this weekend.”
– Mike Tatham

“When I first used the Seamule, I was honestly surprised…From the design to the fishability of it. I can take all my tackle, drinks and bait I need for the entire day and not have to run back to the car or boat on the flats. The Seamule is a game changer from my tournaments to a day of fishing.”
– Bryan Taylor

“The SEAMULE is very lightweight and tremendously easy to push/ pull around in the water. It carries all your tackle and more. The SEAMULE truly is the best fishing cart on the market hands down!”
– Dale Reddit Jr.

“The Seamule is the best fishing cart on the market, it’s not hard to use at all! Very easy to store in small places as well as easy to put together. Definitely worth it in the long run, such a wonderful product to have.”
– Savannah McKoon

“Guys aren’t the only ones that can fish. Girls can fish too! When you don’t want to take the boat or the kayak out, Seamule is the best thing to take with you when you go wade fishing. It can store all your fishing gear and it’s easy to pull along with you. You can customize your seamule to make it your very own.”
– Kristen Langermann

“I’m so excited to be part of the Seamule Family and I love my Seamule! When my mom and I want to go fishing we just load up the Seamule and go, it holds your bucket, cooler, rods, tackle and more!!! You don’t have to carry anything! Take my advice they are worth it! They even fit in a car so don’t worry! Get your Seamule and be part of the Seamule family!!!
– “Scooter” Team Salt & Sass

“If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new Seamule wade and pier carts, you are missing out on one of the best fishing tools ever invented! Not just convenient, but versatile and most of all, it carries everything you need whether fishing from a pier, land or wading! The construction and design kept everything in place and completely customizable! I myself bring it on the boat for wading those hard to reach places! A for sure tool that every serious angler should have!”
– Ty Colby

“I do a lot of fishing and after using the Seamule Wade cart I found my day to be considerably easier. It carried all my equipment and using the wheel attachments made my walk to the water from the car a breeze and not only that, It allowed me to walk from the beach into waist-deep water and begin my fishing day instantly Seamule to me is the world’s best fishing cart hands down!”
– Hance Clay