America’s Best Fishing Cart

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Are you an Angler looking for the America’s Best Fishing Cart?

If you love to fish and you’re ready to step up to the America’s Best Fishing Cart then you don’t have to look any farther than a Seamule Fishing Cart. Inspired by the needs of an avid Florida fisherman who found that getting all of his best gear to his favorite fishing spots presented a real challenge.

America's Best Fishing Cart America's Best Fishing Cart

Not only is a Seamule the America’s Best Fishing Cart, it solves an array of fishing challenges.

The Seamule cart was invented at the right time. With so many fisherman looking for the America’s Best Fishing Cart and coming up short, now the Seamule fills the gap with an array of problem solvers for anglers. Multiple rod holders allow anglers to carry up to 7 fishing rods, bait nets, tackle box, bait cutting station and an ice chest all in one functional design.

America's Best Fishing Cart

When you go fishing with the America’s Best Fishing Cart, you know it’s going to be a good day.

Imagine, packing up all of your gear right in the trunk of your car? The Seamule is easily disassembled and stores easily in the trunk of nearly every car. You get to you fishing spot and it all so easily comes out of your trunk and assembles in just a minute or two. We manufacture the America’s Best Fishing Cart and we’re proud of the rugged and durable nature of our product that allows anglers to enjoy their Seamule for years and years to come.

America's Best Fishing Cart

Seamule the America’s Best Fishing Cart bringing families and friends together around the great sport and pastime of fishing.

Kids stay inside way too much these days. Playing video games, watching tv, and doodling around with their smartphones. The Seamule is just one more reason to get out of the house and get together with your favorite fishing buddies. Making memories that last a lifetime. This is the real essence of the passion that all of us who consider ourselves anglers share about fishing. It’s what goes into everything we produce here at Seamule and we know it matters.

America's Best Fishing Cart

Not just the America’s Best Fishing Cart but also an amazing and innovative design.

The Seamule not only functions at a higher level than any other cart made, it also offers a sleek and amazing looking design. You’ll be proud to pull your Seamule out to the pier or the beach, but be warned, everyone is going to want to know where you got it. We found during our research and product development stages that the Seamule attracted an unusually high amount of attention. Not only are we proud to have created and developed the America’s Best Fishing Cart, we’re proud to show it off and we know you will delight in sharing it with your fellow anglers and fishing enthusiasts.

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